Xylo first service

25 Apr

I got the first service (4 months or 5K, whichever is earlier) done for my xylo last week. The car has roamed about 2.3K so far, not much for the first four months. The clutch needed a bit of tuning and some of the plastic stuff needed refitting (example: The plastic casing that hides the spoiler lamp unit fell off from the rear door.) They also added Gods’ pictures to one of the “Digital Drive Assist” screens. Now I have a wallpaper ;-).

The outside temperature sensor gets stuck at 40C max. Not sure why. May be never tested in temperatures beyond that?

The vehicle is returned in a clean and neat condition. The service took long time (1.5 days) though, primarily because the technicians didn’t do the wallpaper loading prior to this. The cost of service is high too, about Rs 2.2K for engine oil, filter and other parts. Note that this is a free service with no labor charges.

Based on the first four months of driving this beast, it is a very good buy, a total VFM. I really love the AC in the vehicle, 42C external temperatures are easily mitigated while the AC is running at level 2 (out of 4) and is running at AC-Low setting. When I needed immediate cool off (when getting into a open parked car during mid summer day) I used the AC-High for a few short minutes.

I found that the mileage of the vehicle has dropped a bit (according to Digital Drive Assist and during my steady airport trips) recently, but need to double check that after filling the tank to the full.

4 thoughts on “Xylo first service

  1. Hi Raju,

    Thanks for taking the time to post. Im considering purchasing an SUV type vehicle in June – July and it would probably either be the Xylo or the Innova. Any tips on the Xylo would be welcome.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. Never consider Mahindra SUV for New. If you decided to buy Mahindra buy second hand. New vehicle I bought from MPL channai, was used by Dealer for about 400Kms. My complaints to Mahindra went into vein. When I search into this matter, they are used to drive the new vehicle by disconnecting the speedo meter. So, if you want to buy a new mahindra vehicle go with a machanic for thorough checking. My advice is go for second hand Mahindra vehicles so that you get value for your money.

  3. Nice review,awesome car. Mahindra Xylo has many advanced features that not only are comfortable but many of them are safety features to give you a very safe ride with smooth performance for any kind of journey.Thanks for sharing this review.

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