Railway Budget 2008

Read synopsis of railway budget 2008 introduced today. Given that we have an election year, the budget is made attractive enough. Unfortunately, the state of Andhra Pradesh gets (the usual) step motherly treatment this year too. The state gets no good benefits in new trains or infrastructure improvements.


  • Reduction in fares
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Emphasis on safety
  • Improved ticketing (cell phones, etc.)
  • Reduced fright charges for certain types of fuel


  • Additional berths in three tier, making life more miserable
  • New concessions have a potential to clog the already busy travel networks, especially during peak holiday season.

Overall, it is a good budget. People in Andhra may still have to suffer in busy routes like Hyderabad-Bangalore, Hyderabad-Visakhapatnam and other internal routes.

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By Raju Alluri

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  1. Phenomenal.
    I am talking about your blogs in general and the wonderful panache that is displayed in every subject touched upon.
    Move on, Satish. You need to take up a more challenging role. I did not see a person as accomplished you are.
    Think over, if you can manage politics. You will breathe fresh air into it and make hell a lot of difference. Persons like you are the need of the hour and not the so called half baked claimants.

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