Sun Tech Days Day01

I am at Sun Tech Days-Hyderabad-Day1 today. As usual, this is a mega event with lot of fun and technology. Satish did a short demo of VirtualBox during Rich Green’s keynote. Jairam did a demo of Sun’s virtualization/management technologies and I heard it went well. I spent my entire day around enterprise/Java technology tracks. During breaks I spent some time with my old pals. I could clearly sense increased awareness of OpenSolaris when compared to last year. The overall opensource pitch is helping Sun.

After the event there is a welcome reception in the night. The famous Euphoria band entertained the attendees. I spent about half an hour there before heading home for prior commitments. Overall, it is a fun filled day with tech toppings.

By Raju Alluri

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  1. Hi,
    I attended day1 events. I was a lot facinated by those demos, especially the one where a long chinese image is made short and you can rollover to see it like a google map. A chinese guy drew that demo, I cannot remember what was it regarding, jmaki or something else. Could you please let me know what was that demonstration about.


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