Confusing new 5 rupee coin

10 Jan

The new 5 rupee coin resembles a lot with the current day 50 paise coin in India in size, weight and type of metal. See here:

The older 5 Rupee coin is thicker, heavier and made with a much coarser look. The new coin poses a lot of challenge, especially to the illiterate crowds of rural India. The Mint should have thought about it earlier.

8 thoughts on “Confusing new 5 rupee coin

  1. Thanks for the comment, but I disagree with you because of two reasons:

    – The shelf life of a coin is typically more than 10 years. So the coins which are stopped in 2004 may go well beyond 2014, if people find a need for them.

    – Rural India’s economy still uses smaller denominations and even Urban India uses small change too. Even in Hyderabad, most of the street side tea stores price their tea in 50 paise denominations. Newspapers (especially Sunday news papers), loose candy, etc. are more examples of products that would need a 50 paise change.

    I personally witnessed the city of Coimbatore still using 25 paise denominations a lot about a couple of years ago. Just as an example.

    Hence I feel that the resemblance is (still) a cause of concern for many.

  2. very true what kind of an impression Indian Government is letting by introducing such a vulnerable 5 rupee coin which very much resembles to still in circulation 50 paise. What the hell is the need to change the existing currency templates with newer one. Earlier they did that that twice with one and teo rupee coins.

    If they think that the cost of manufacturing these coins is higher than actual value they should better introduce new paper notes instead of rolling out such small kharbuja seeds.

  3. I wonder How the one and two rupee coin will be if they are modified once again. No need of giving those with firm hands just blow off them keeing on your palm.

  4. I totally agree that the 5 rupee coin, can easily be confused with 50 paisa coins. It is now light weight and less think making it similar to a 50 paisa coin.

    Blinds and old people can easily be fooled by its looks.

    Govt should make steps to revert back the 5 rupee coin to its previous looks.

    The same problem with 2 rupee coins that now look very similar to a one rupee coin. Govt seems to go nuts now.

  5. It’s a pity that the mint keeps rolling out new versions of coins with variations in size which have such far reaching consequences. In most countries the size of coins and banknotes are kept constant and only the designs are changed (if at all they do!).

    Coins and banknotes reflect a countryand its people and utmost care should be taken when any modifications are made (even in the design). The new designs of Re 1, Rs 2 and 50p coins have reduced the size of the emblem of India to a level that it almost seems insignificant. Sad.

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