Trip to Ramoji Film City

10 Nov

It has been more than six years after I relocated to India, but never managed to visit Ramoji Film City till today. Given that the time with Sunitha and kids is short, we wanted to make use of the weekend. Even though it is tough to wake up early after the Diwali night activity, we managed to get ready by 8.50am and reached Ramoji Film City by about 10.00am. The gang included me, Latha, Spurthi, Surya, Sunitha, Nidhi, Nikhil, attayya, RK, Sunitha and Sravya. There is considerable crowd at the entrance, so we opted for a special Sitara package that costs Rs 800 (approximately 20USD) per person. That includes tour in a air conditioned coach, lunch at Sitara restaurant and a few other freebies. It later turned out to be money well spent.

We couldn’t cover the entire film city with the pace suitable for kids. We attended a few shows and then took a lunch break. During the afternoon, we spent our time in Fundustan zone till kids are really tired. Then we ate some snacks and returned home by 7.30pm.

Between me and Sunitha, we took about 150+ photographs and here are some of them.


Now let me talk about my personal experience of the trip. The place is awesome! I would strongly recommend the place for an outing, especially for family based outings. The pre-built sets, including that of the airport, airplane, neighborhoods, jails, hospitals, etc. is worth watching. We didn’t get a chance to visit any indoor sets, but I guess they wouldn’t be of any lower quality or magnitude too.The entire film city is well maintained and the support staff are very courteous. The Sitara restaurant is simply great for its ambiance, quality of service and food. The air conditioning is well maintained at all places. The only problem is with the not so well ordered crowd, who want to rush for everything and anything.

The Movie Magic show is fun to watch, but changing to three seating areas makes a group go in disarray. The World Tour is a worth watching imitation of Disney Land’s “Its a small world” theme. The Stunt Show is good too. Borasura is good pass time. The parts of Thrillville we visited are good.

BTW, the food and beverages at this place are at reasonable prices. We didn’t even consume the freebies given to us as part of the package though.

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