10 Nov

We had a fun and safe Diwali night. Kids started at about 6.45 and enjoyed the proceedings. Most of the time we used light based crackers, but Spurthi and Surya are keen on burning sound based ones too. Nidhi and Nikhil did well too while lighting ground chakras, flower pots, matches and sparklers.

Venkatesh Varma, Sridevi and Harsha stopped by later in the night with a load of fireworks. They spent about an hour with kids. Kids enjoyed lighting the rockets.

After burning crackers in the common area for a while, we took kids to a relatively isolated area so that they have no interference. We winded up the session by 9.45pm and by that time, kids are really tired. Spurthi is little unwell due to pain in the backbone, but did fine later in the night.
Here are some pics from the night.


BTW, I updated this album with few more pics from the Diwali day.

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