Seetaphal season

07 Nov

Seetaphal (custard apple) is one of the most cherished seasonal fruit in coastal Andhra Pradesh. In Hyderabad, the fruit’s availability is increasing in the last few years. This fruit is mostly available during September timeframe for a couple of months.
Spurthi and Surya were not so keen on this fruit in their early years in India, but starting last year, they grew their liking of this fruit. Also, Sunitha and Ravi are visiting India (especially in this season) after a long time, so it is a good chance for them to eat as many as they can. This year, I have a better opportunity to ensure continuous supply of this fruit at home.

In the last month and half I made several trips to places where they bring these fruits en masse from remote remote locations. I go there by 6.30am to buy the early morning load. I typically buy a basket of these (containing anywhere from 50 to 75) and make them ripe at home in a box padded with leaves. Here is the view of the ripe fruit this morning.

A basket of these fruits typically last for about 3-4 days for us. Surya ate these fruits regularly this season. Sunitha is happy too to get a good supply during her visit. Latha and myself are good consumers anyway. Nidhi and Nikhil are yet to like these.

This week or next will mark and end to this year’s season of these fruits. So it is our last chance to grab as many as we can.

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