Acclimatization of Nidhi and Nikhil to Diwali

09 Nov

This is the first Diwali for Nidhi and Nikhil in India. It will be tough for them to jump right away into action on Diwali day, given the noise levels and the nature of light emitting fireworks we use here in India. Hence we wanted them to get used to the process and noise. Luckily, we have a very good supply of fireworks from last year (that would suffice for this year too) and they came in handy now.

Starting Monday, we did execute an acclimatization plan 🙂 for Nidhi and Nikhil. Only the light based fireworks are used on Monday. They learned lighting sparklers, staying away from the smoke, disposing off burnt sparklers, etc. On Tuesday Spurthi, Surya and me lit some bombs, so that Nidhi and Nikhil get used to the sound. Wednesday added more bombs and Thursday is a mini version of the actual Diwali. Here are the pics from a couple of days.


Now Nidhi and Nikhil know the basics of handling Diwali crackers and are enjoying it. Actually, Nikhil refuses to stop burning crackers. We started with less than an hour and last night we spent about 1.5 hours burning crackers.

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