Opensource and Quality

12 Oct

What roles do quality teams have when a company opensources its products? This is a question asked by Kalyan Moharla a few weeks ago and we thought of doing a discussion at Quality Forum at Sun India. Last two weeks gave me more free time to think about this question and come up with a presentation on that topic. Despite my recent separation from Sun, we thought of going ahead with the talk while I am in Bangalore. I sent Kalyan a (not so well baked) presentation last week and we scheduled my talk for yesterday. During my travel to Bangalore, I got better ideas on the topic, but they couldn’t make it to the slidedeck because of lack of a desktop/laptop in Bangalore.

Yesterday I met with a team of about 40 engineers. I covered the opensource paradigm, opensource process and what it would ideally mean for engineers working on the quality aspects of the products. I am yet to take care of discontinuities in my slide deck, so I will post the slides later.

BTW, if you attended that discussion and want to offer feedback on how to improve it further, please do so using the comments section. Thanks ahead of time.

3 thoughts on “Opensource and Quality

  1. Awesome !! You literally carried the audience for 2 continous hours with your superb presentation style.

    Was that “a Raju Alluri Style” 😉

    Right now I cant think of any improvement you should have in the presentation ..But i will update this space if i come across anything, since we (openportal) are in the process.

    btw a request, pls pls post the slides in your site ..

    Many Thanks,

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