Web Typography in a Blog centric world

10 Oct

Flipping pages of an old book I have, “Great Web Typography” during my morning break. A 15 minute flip thru the contents and some interesting pages suggests that the book will be of great help for people who provide their content thru web pages.

However, I am also thinking in the back of my mind: Is this very relavant for end users who now provide their content thru blogs? The reasons I think of are:

  • Most of the CSS and other style aspects are now defined by the blogging software and the themes. The content writer just chooses a very few style items like bullets, quotes etc.
  • Most of the content is read thru RSS feeds using tools like Google Reader or My Yahoo!. So the typography adopted by the content writer may not be of any consequence here.

However, this book is a good read for even people who write blogs. It helps customize their themes and other aspects of their blogs.

What do you think?

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