Back online, partly.

29 Sep

Well, this happened faster than I thought. Didn’t want to touch kids’ game system (Intel Dual Core, runs with Windows) for my activities, so I thought I need to wait till I purchase a system next week. This morning, I remembered this system I assembled myself in 2001: An AMD Athlon 900MHz system which is eventually upgraded to a 30GB harddisk (swappable) and 128MB RAM. It was running Linux and I used it in the past as a Unix/C/Java learning platform for students who did projects with me.

Connected it, booted it up and downloaded Firefox and installed it. The machine is painfully slow when I switch between applications, but does great when I stick to one single application (no prizes for guessing it, the browser.) Quickly logged into yahoo mail, gmail, FaceBook and LinkedIn. The browser is working fabulous even on a 6 year old system. I love the minimum requirements of Firefox!

Meanwhile, got a couple of quotes from vendors for the systems and evaluating the configurations.

So, back online partially but I will leave it that way for a couple of weeks.