India wins Twenty20 World Cup!

24 Sep

What a thrilling finale it is! India won a final match after a long time, that too against a relatively friendly Pak. The victory oscillated between the teams with increasing amplitude closer to the end of the game. India, after a considerable time, bowled out opposition to win a match. I think the last few overs, except the last ball, took the match to Pak but the last wicket made a difference.

In fact, India almost gave the match away by

  • Not scoring 170+ on a batting-friendly wicket
  • Over agression of Sreesanth leading to a couple of costly overs
  • These couple of overs from Harbhajan et al costing too many runs
  • Not experimenting with part-time slow/spin bowlers

However, the last wicket mattered.

Good game teams, worth spending 3 hours!