Corrected a few blog entries

24 Sep

Last week, some of my readers complained that they couldn’t see my blog entries in full. Some entries are truncated right after the entry title. So I started debugging the issue. I booted up Windows Vista and started Firefox 2, Safari and IE7. The first two browsers showed every entry fine, but IE7 has problems rendering some of the posts. My first suspicion was the embedded links to google albums, because it is lot of HTML code. I made a couple of quick webpages to check the same and found that google albums are not the root cause. Then I started looking at the HTML tags of the blog entries that are not rendering well. I found that those entries contained some meta tags that are pasted while transferring content from OpenOffice text to by blog editor. These metatags are interpreted fine by both Firefox (both and Solaris and Windows) and Safari, but IE seems to give up (not just the post, but rest of the page and other columns of the blog page.)

Once I know the root cause, I could easily strip off the meta tags from a handful of entries and tested the rendering on all the three browsers.

Life is back to normal on blogosphere!