Hyderabad Open Solaris Group meeting

25 Jun

On Saturday, we conducted the meeting of Hyderabad Open Solaris User Group (site, forum.) This group is still in infancy stages and I am assisting the group to come up to speed.

The venue is Kamma Sangham building at Ameerpet. We started the meeting by 3.00pm. It was raining a bit on the day, hence the attendance is relatively low. NIIT sponsored the event and provided the logistics support. The attendance is 100+ and mostly consisted of student community.

We talked about the Open Solaris in general, and the way to join the Hyderabad Open Solaris User Group. I gave an overview of OpenSolaris and demonstrated few tools on OpenSolaris. There is a special offer to attendees of this meeting. They can opt to receive a free Belenix CD or Solaris Express developer CD. For more details, refer to HOSUG page.