Krishna Audio Review

09 Jan

Chakri’s music churned out a good audio album this time for VV Vinayak. Chandrabose penned lyrics.

  • Dil Maange More: This is a good dance number by Kunal Ganjawala and Mahalaxmi. Talks a lot about the hero and his relationship with Bezawada (Vijayawada), which is the backdrop of the film.
  • Tu Mera Jil Jil: The lyrics have lots of Hindi words. This is the best and most hummable number of the album. Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam did a very good job. At times though, Sadhana’s voice fails to render some fast words (naa badi nuvve, naa gudi nuvve, naa odi nuvvega) in a native way. Overall, this is the song that lifts the album to class level.
  • Muripinche Maina: The song starts with the tune of Thannana Thannana from Guru, but after a few seconds, the true colors of the song are revealed in the voices of Farid and Kousalya. This fast number would for sure impress youth and mass audience.
  • Taratta Ettukupotha: Kunche Raghu is back! His voice fits very well for Raviteja and I love this singer. You may term this song as the title song. The tune goes through several variations and has potential to exploit the director and hero of the movie during filming of the song.
  • Nee Soku Mada: Music director Chakri himself gave voice to this number. This song is a breed of a classic tune with current day lyrics (?) and some rap. It has all the words one would use in a verbal street side fight, in the disguise of teasing the lead actress. This song may be funny enough in the movie, but may not be the right one to hear repeatedly. Why would I spoil the mood of listening to a classic tune with the out of sync lyrics?
  • Adaragottu: This tune is a typical Tamil vamp song (I think I heard this tune in one of the Tamil music channels while flipping channels.) May work well in B and C grade centers. The voices of Vasu and Sivani gave the results expected for such numbers.

Overall, this album takes the movie audio much farther than VV Vinayak’s previous flick. With the cast led by Ravi Teja, this album matches the expectations of audience. A good album to have in your commercial movie collection.

StarOffice on Singapore Airlines

13 Sep

[ Blog entry typed on Sep 08th and uploaded today ]

This blog entry is being typed on board Singapore Airlines flight SQ16 from Singapore to San Francisco using Sun’s StarOffice that is part of the in-flight software suite.

Once I boarded this Boeing 777, I am amazed. The seats are spacious, leg room is great and the personal LCD screen is big (12 inches). In addition to that, I spotted these video-in, USB and ethernet ports. Out of curiosity, i switched to the computing view and there it is, the familiar (on the desktop) view of StarOffice suite.

I knew that Singapore airlines started using StarOffice, but never realized that they got it to such a commodity level. It is great to see an office suite as part of the on-board computing infrastructure. Text entry is with the mini keyboard on the back of the remote and all files are stored on the USB stick.

Typing the text is not so easy but the mouse response is great. The monitor quality is same as my laptop. It is a great experience to be able to type blog entries on board the flight.

So what we are seeing here is an office suite appliance, that is sufficient to do lot of tasks for a traveller. The ideas can be documented there itself, the expenses can be documented in a spread sheet as opposed to on a paper. All this, even without opening the laptop and worrying about battery life.

Good job Singapore Airlines! I love this.

Hyderabad Open Solaris Group meeting

25 Jun

On Saturday, we conducted the meeting of Hyderabad Open Solaris User Group (site, forum.) This group is still in infancy stages and I am assisting the group to come up to speed.

The venue is Kamma Sangham building at Ameerpet. We started the meeting by 3.00pm. It was raining a bit on the day, hence the attendance is relatively low. NIIT sponsored the event and provided the logistics support. The attendance is 100+ and mostly consisted of student community.

We talked about the Open Solaris in general, and the way to join the Hyderabad Open Solaris User Group. I gave an overview of OpenSolaris and demonstrated few tools on OpenSolaris. There is a special offer to attendees of this meeting. They can opt to receive a free Belenix CD or Solaris Express developer CD. For more details, refer to HOSUG page.