Sunita Williams: Back from space

25 Jun

Sunita Williams is safely back from space, after her return trip delayed a few times due to technical and weather conditions. Probably this is the most viewed and covered news item in India in the last week or so. Sunita, the NASA astronaut of Indian roots, is sure going to inspire many children in India. The whole nation might have sighed with relief when the landing is safe. The country vividly remembers the failure of previous space attempt by a person of Indian origin, Kalpana Chawla.

I took my family to a late night movie on Friday and returned home at about 1am. Switched on the TV to see the status of the proposed landing in Florida, but found that the landing attempt is being made in California’s Edwards base. So glued to the TV for next hour or so, following the live telecast of the landing. Almost every TV news channel in India (about 20 of them) did a live telecast of the event.

Congratulations Sunita!