Surprise Serving of Haleem

17 Oct

I was preparing a preso on Solaris Kernel Slab allocator at 11.00pm in the night, and my cell phone buzzed. Its Kalyan Moharla, calling to inform that he received a parcel of Haleem from Pista House, Hyderabad, delivered at his door steps in Bangalore. He invited me for sharing the dish and I was more than happy to drive to his place to get the taste of this great dish. The dish costed him 140 Rupees and the delivery charges are 160 Rupees! But the good thing is, he got it delivered all the way from Hyderabad, which is about 700 kilometers away! Looks like the dish gets transported to Bangalore by the 7.00pm flight from Hyderabad.

After a serving of Haleem and a large glass of accompanying Thums-Up, it is good time to come back to work and blog about it!

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