USB drive mount issue fixed

15 Dec

I had a few issues mounting a 1TB NTFS disk on OpenSolaris last week. After getting a few hints from one of the OpenSolaris support forums, I could get the issue fixed. All it needs is the FSWfsmisc and FSWpart to be installed on the box. The output of rmformat is very helpful to test the raw disk types, etc. The binaries installed as part of these FSW* packages like xlsmounts are very helpful.

One interesting observation is that the NTFS filesystem is mounted a little different on the local host.

root@agent007:~# xlsmounts
PHYSICAL DEVICE                 LOGICAL DEVICE      FS    PID         ADDR Mounted on
/dev/rdsk/c14t0d0p0            /dev/rdsk/c14t0d0p0    ntfs   5950 /mnt/test

Need another weekend to drill down a bit into that…

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