Sun Tech Days Hyderabad: What a Start!

21 Feb

Wow! Thats the word that came to my mind when I saw the keynote hall of Sun Tech Days – Hyderabad event at Hyderabad International Convention Center this morning. By 8.00am this place is so alive both in terms of excitement level and spectacular visual appeal. Located in the premises of the Novotel hotel, this is a great place to conduct such a great event!
Few thousand people registered at twenty something registration desks and made their way to the demo stalls. Quickly got myself into the SysNet stall featuring SPS and Sun Management Center demonstrated on a T2000 box. We thought that the visitors will start at about 9.00am, but they were here 45 minutes early. I could assist Harshit and Satish till the keynote began and then went to the seminar hall.

The Seminar hall could host anything close to 8000 people (thats what I guessed, I could be wrong) and it is full. The audio visual arrangements, along with the Sun backdrop and the sponsors’ logos, are fantastic. The crowd is enthusiastic and cheered every great moment, especially during the demo of emerging Sun ideas and technologies: the voice front end to AJAX code builder, FFF front end, perf monitoring using Sun Studio compiler plugins, NetBeans based application development for a GoogleMaps front-end, what not. Speeches by Bhaskar and Rich Green are well received too.

That has set the mood for the day and the next two days to come. Once I am out of the keynote session, I am busy till 5.00pm (thats when I had to leave to beat the home bound traffic.) I never had a spare time to relax. There is a continuous stream of visitors to the booth. I think people got lot more excitement when they saw the T2000’s internal view. SunMC demo also attracted lot of attention.

Student community attended the event in great numbers. For all those attendees who want to ask questions about the Sun Technologies that we displayed there: send a mail to askraju __a t__

There will be photos and more (read better) reports of this event coming soon, but this is the way to beat the excitement of this great event. Blog it now!

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