1111 it is

27 Oct

My WordPress dashboard tells me that I have 1111 posts so far on my personal blog site. Blogging is a habit I picked up while working at Sun Microsystems. I used to blog on their employee blog roll on various technical and personal topics. Sometime in 2006, the need for blogging on personal topics increased and I felt that it is more ethical for me to start writing on my personal blog site. Tried various softwares and launched my blog site using WordPress and sticked to that since then.

In the last 6 years, the technology has evolved a lot but the simplicity and flexibility of WordPress remained intact. Tried various themes, plugins and widgets on my site and their usefulness increased over time. Interconnecting various social and viral tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Picasaweb helped transcend content from one tool to the other. In the midst of all these, my personal blog site evolved as my primary writing platform and rest of the tools became a way to spread the content that is on this site.

At this juncture, I must thank all the regular visitors of my site and readers who encourage me very often with their positive mails and comments. The last few years saw a dip on the number of posts I write, but recently I resolved to get back on track. You can see the trend changing in the last few months.


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