Stupid yet simple fixes: Door blinds

16 Apr

Ever in a situation where the door blinds are broken by someone and you don’t have time to get new ones? Here is a simple and stupid (but works) way to fix them.

Here are the bill of materials that you need:

  • Broken Blinds (yes, this is what we are fixing…)
  • Clear tape (Duct tape gives a look that is too classic for system administrators)
  • Clear Plastic Tabs used with file folders
  • Hole Punch (not shown in the picture)

How to do it:

  • Punch a hole in the Plastic Tab, guessing the depth it would need from the top of the tab
  • Insert the tab on either side of the blind and position the hole.
  • Use Clear tape to wrap the contents
  • If Clear tape closes the hole during the previous step, make sure that the hole is punched again.

Here is the “before” picture:


From Misc


Here is the “after” picture:


From Misc


Note: This post may look stupid, but stresses on the importance of trivial things in what we call as “instruction manuals”.

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