Upgrade to WordPress 3.3

13 Dec

WordPress announced their new version,  WordPress 3.3 (codename Sonny), a few hours ago. I upgraded my blog software to WordPress 3.3. This version presents a good amount of niceties to the admin users of the blog software.

  • Pointer Tips
  • Media Drag/Drop Uploader
  • Better Navigation Menus
  • Revamped Help

The Dashboard of WordPress is improving with every release. I got so used to some of the recent convenience features that I feel handicapped if I am administering other blogs with earlier releases of the software.

I may take till the next weekend to explore all the new features fully. As of now, the upgrade looks rock solid and nice.

There is a recent update to the theme that I use, Graphene. I updated that software too (to 1.5.6) and am a bit surprised by the absence of articles in the frontpage. A quick browse of the new configurations suggested that there is a “Front Page Options” section that enables me to select the list of categories that should be presented on the front page. Disabled that list and I am back to my original layout of the theme.



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