Palm Meadows Community Home Owners Meeting

09 Oct

Today we had our General Body Meeting of Palm Meadows Community members. It turned out to be a marathon meeting that eventually took up positive resolutions by the members. These resolutions are aimed towards

  • Defining the operating principles for the committee to take possession of common facilities/amenities maintained so far by the builder
  • Essential changes to the bye-laws of the community
  • Establishing guidelines for maintaining quality of life in the community
  • Financial aspects like maintenance charges, check signing powers and fund management

The meeting started on a very emotional note, indicating the passion of the fellow members to further improve the quality of living in the community. Once the voice of the members is heard across the board and the suggestions are addressed, specific agenda items are tabled for discussions.

One great thing I observed in the community is that almost all members excel in their own specific field, be it financial management, administration, health care,  technology, service or brick and mortar businesses. That makes an abundant amount of talent pool available for the committee to tap into. However, I have also seen that most members are busy with their own businesses and they may have less spare time for activities on a recurring basis. I am glad that we have a fully functional committee that could attend to the immediate needs of the community. However, more participation by members will definitely improve the facility to the next level.

Glad to be part of a meeting with such a passionate and experienced community.



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