Mr. Perfect Movie Bloopers

Mr. Perfect is almost a perfect family movie, but it has its own share of bloopers. Here are some bloopers we noticed during our family’s DVD time.

  • Priya, the lead character played by Kajal, drives a Honda Activa with its side stand. You should watch the full scene to realize how uncomfortable she is while stopping the scooter.

Priya (Kajal) drives the scooter with a side stand

  •  Vicky, the lead character played by Prabhas, sees Priya’s MMS while holding an iPhone. But the close shot of the MMS is shown as being played on a Blackberry.

iPhone - PrabhasKajal seen on blackberry by Prabhas

  • During the long finale, Vicky’s attire is seen alternating from a well tied necktie to loosened one, with the collar buttoned on and off accordingly.

Necktie - PrabhasLoosened Necktie - Prabhas

Now its more fun to watch the movie.

By Raju Alluri

Blogging on my personal site since 2006, I try to cover both personal and work related events and thoughts in this blog. You can reach me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Wow.. Good catch…..Thanks for Sharing..
    It happens in almost all Indian Movies. And we ppl don’t see them, we just want 2 songs,1 fight, Happy Ending.. that’s all our Indian Audience are looking for..

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