Mr. Perfect Movie Bloopers

01 Oct

Mr. Perfect is almost a perfect family movie, but it has its own share of bloopers. Here are some bloopers we noticed during our family’s DVD time.

  • Priya, the lead character played by Kajal, drives a Honda Activa with its side stand. You should watch the full scene to realize how uncomfortable she is while stopping the scooter.

Priya (Kajal) drives the scooter with a side stand

  •  Vicky, the lead character played by Prabhas, sees Priya’s MMS while holding an iPhone. But the close shot of the MMS is shown as being played on a Blackberry.

iPhone - PrabhasKajal seen on blackberry by Prabhas

  • During the long finale, Vicky’s attire is seen alternating from a well tied necktie to loosened one, with the collar buttoned on and off accordingly.

Necktie - PrabhasLoosened Necktie - Prabhas

Now its more fun to watch the movie.

One thought on “Mr. Perfect Movie Bloopers

  1. Wow.. Good catch…..Thanks for Sharing..
    It happens in almost all Indian Movies. And we ppl don’t see them, we just want 2 songs,1 fight, Happy Ending.. that’s all our Indian Audience are looking for..

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