Ganesh nimajjanam at our apartment complex

11 Sep

Our apartment complex waited till the last day, Sunday the 11th, for nimajjanam. The day’s activities started with pinata equivalent, in which kids and adults participated alike. After that, the auction for the Laddu has started. We participated in the auction and lucky enough to win the auction.

Once the auction is done, the idol is mounted on the truck and the procession started. As usual, we have traditional music of drums, dances and fireworks during this first leg of the procession – it takes about 40 minutes to pass the 200 meter long road within the apartment complex. You can see the day in pics here.





Once the idol is seen off till the main road (the second leg of the procession is faster from here – the truck covered the next 5km in about 15 minutes till the lake), we  started the community lunch in the apartment complex. Served one of the dishes at the buffet lunch that is attended by about 500 people. Kids completed their lunch early and played games like dumb-charades.


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