Rakhi 2011

13 Aug

This year, the festival of Rakhi fell on a Saturday and most of our relatives have a holiday today. So we planned for a breakfast get-together.

The day started at about 5.00am for us and we are almost done with the arrangements by 7.00am. First guests arrived by 7.00am and the event lasted till about 2.30pm covering breakfast, brunch and lunch.

The gathering turned out to be of 50+ people and three generations of people celebrated Rakhi. Here are some pics from the day.




Kids enjoyed the day a lot and had a blast. Some of them stayed back beyond lunch and played various games. As you can see in the pics, smiley face badges, Tri-Color wristbands (yes, our Independence Day is just a couple of days away) and whistles are hit among the kids.

Breakfast menu included primarily South Indian breakfast items – Idly, Vada, Pesarattu-Upma, Puri, Paakam Gaare (Sweet Vada), Chicken Curry, Kheema curry, various sweets and fruit juices. I should have gained a couple of pounds of weight just by the sweets my sisters fed me today!

For all the folks who joined us today – Thank you very much for a memorable morning!

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