Weekend Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

31 Jul

Among the few choices for the weekend movie, the needle shifted to ZNMD (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) and we watched it on Sunday. The morning schedule is shrunk a bit to make room for the movie and we headed for the morning show. Got positive feedback on the movie from the coworkers and relatives who watched it already, but the movie really exceeded expectations.

I like several aspects of the movie. Good visuals, simple story, catchy songs, refreshing background score, bundles of humor and to beat them all, superb performances by the key cast. Hrithik and Katrina top the performers list, even though you can’t give any lower marks to Abhay and Farhan. The adventure sports, the heart of the story, are filmed very well in the movie. The funny one liners got really good response in theater – the audience got good exercise for their ribs for at least half the length of the movie.

After the movie, I kept wondering how the storyteller could create such a good feel for the bonding between three schoolmates, without even showing a single scene of their school days.

Time well spent on a Sunday!



One thought on “Weekend Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

  1. I generally watch almost all movies with my friends @ Wave Cinemas as my apartment is really close to this theater even if it is the super flop at the box office I see something good into the movie.. And for ZNMD, I went to watch it on the first day of the movie release.

    Everyone has their own views… However I loved the movie, probably because I love all such Relation saga movies like K3G, or KKHH And I love day dreams, having fantasies, they are achieved or not they still keep me happy…
    Nobody has that gr8 life, nor those big mansions, but we have something we can cherish. Movie never told us to visit Spain; however the waterfall 50km from here is also worthwhile if you are with buddies. Its 4 years I have completed my graduation, and we were group of 15, every six months we still meet, go for some outing, enjoy, half of us have got married, some are not in India, still jisko possible hota hai vo sab ate hai and with their spouses.

    Movie surely entertained us also the crowd was very excited & ambience was also too cool, and just has passed a thought to get a life if we have lost it…

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