Akismet @ 100K

04 Jul

I started using Akismet as my spam filter a while ago, and it trounced more than 100K spam comments on my personal blog site so far. When I first started as a blogger, I haven’t realized the importance of a comment spam filter. When I started hitting spam to the tune of tens of comments per day, I realized how painful it is to isolate good comments from undesirable ones. That is when I installed the free version of Akismet, mine being a non-profit, personal blog site. Every time I login to my blog’s dashboard, my first few actions are trivial:  see the quarantine count, smile and delete them in one shot. I don’t even delete a handful of comments on my own review now-a-days. It is all left to the stringent evaluation of Akismet and the hit rate is amazing.

On the occasion of reaching the 100K spam comments mark, time to thank Akismet once again. Thank you! (Visit my blog site to see the actual spam count on the Akismet widget.)

BTW, Akismet is free for personal use and I strongly recommend this.


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