Tiresome journey

27 Jun

Tiring trip to Palakol/Bhimavaram area on Thu/Fri/Sat. Attended a late night wedding in Hyderabad on Thursday and then headed to train station to catch a special train. The train that is supposed to start at 11.30pm actually started at 4.00am, eating away the sleep time. The train reached Palakol only at 1pm. After attending a wedding in Bhimavaram in the evening, boarded another special train that started on-time at 10pm. The train reached Hyderabad late on the next day, at about 10am. Hectic and tiresome.

No laptop with me during the trip and my cell phone is the only device that kept me connected during those boring hours of the day in train. Should have taken a book along rather.

Met quite a few people during these weddings and travel. Made the travel worth.


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