Weekend Trip

21 Mar

Made a weekend trip to West Godavari district. The purpose is to attend a couple of weddings and the purpose is well served during the weekend. The train to Palakol is late, but that helped me grab those small samosas as morning snack (I won’t dare calling it a breakfast.) Had an opportunity to meet a lot of relatives over lunch on Saturday. The social meets continued over the afternoon’s card games and evening’s dinner. The first wedding is at 9.40pm and I took a short nap break from 11.30pm to 2.00am before attending thee second wedding. After I am back from second wedding at 4.30am, it is an extended sleep time and a lazy Sunday morning till I got ready for a few social visits. After lunch, helped myself with a three scoop icecream topped up liberally with fruits and nuts. That really helped in fighting with potential acidity. Had a small serving of lamb biriyani at another gathering in the afternoon. After a few more social events and after watching a few overs of cricket on TV, I boarded my overnight train to Hyderabad.

Two full days of hectic social activity. Nice weekend!


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