Hyundai i10 Service issue

20 Feb

I own a Hyundai Santro for the last 8 years and seeing the comfort (small size, elevated seating, etc.), my in-laws bought a Hyundai i10 in Feb-2010. In December, the car engine started heating up and the air conditioner used to auto stop, indicating very high engine temperatures. The temperature gauge used to go up within 4-5km of driving the vehicle. I noticed that the coolant tank is empty. So we gave it for servicing at the end of December. The service adviser claimed that there is a minor issue that got rectified and charged me decent amount of money for coolant refill.

The first month went uneventful and then my wife complained once that the AC didn’t work during one of our relatively long trips (read 20km) on that vehicle. A couple of days later, my brother-in-law, visiting India for a short trip, complained of the same. When I checked the engine, I noticed that both the radiator and coolant tank are dry again. That being late evening hours, I got some coolant and filled it myself. The car ran for another week and then started showing high temperatures again. So I gave it for servicing again today. Now I need to see what kind of stories the service advisers come up with this time and how much money they charge me. All in all, this turned out to be a stupid quality vehicle as well as service.

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