Xylo Third service

20 Jan

This week, I gave my Xylo for 3rd service. The service is due at 15000km or 1 year, which ever is earlier. The actual odometer reading is only 6600 on my Xylo at this time. However, I decided to get the annual service done. Along with the service, here are a few things that got fixed:

  • The outside temperature sensor on the right mirror is non-functional for a while. It was reporting -40C as external temperature. This got fixed and now I am getting the right reading on my DDAS (Digital Drive Assist System). Note that this got fixed free of cost, since the sensor is broken even without any damage to the mirror.
  • Clutch: The clutch loosened a bit in the recent weeks and is struggling at low speeds. This got fixed and now the gear shift is handling very smoothly.

Rest of the service included top up of fluids and minor tweaks. The van is delivered on time.

BTW, this time, I got it serviced by the new Mahindra service station at Kothaguda crossroads, near Madhapur. Their service is impressive.

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