5 digit train numbers

28 Dec

I went to train station during early hours this morning to receive my parents. The train got substantially delayed and myself and my brother are taking a leisure walk on the platform. Noticed that the Indian Railways has changed the train numbers to have 5 digits (they are announcing this for quite some time and didn’t realize that they already implemented it.) Based on my quick glance at arrival/departure boards, I think they numbered all the express trains to start with 1, passenger trains to start with 4 and local trains to start with 5.

When we are taking a walk, we noticed that the coach location signboards (the ones on the platform that indicate the coach location of the current inbound/outbound train on platform) display only 4 digits of the train number, because they are designed to contain a maximum of 4 digits. Looks like they are yet to “upgrade” those signboards. That means more contracts, more money, more whatever…

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