New Cellphones

03 Jun

Spurthi asked for a new cell phone as her college-going gift. She did some research and finally zeroed in on Samsung Corby Mate. She didn’t want to go for a touch screen one and rather wanted something that is more texting/SMS friendly. Samsung Mate seems to be a good choice for her requirements.

Spurthi’s shopping process made an interesting side effect. Latha took Spurthi around for shopping during the weekend and in that process, she decided to change her phone too. Being married for about 18 years, I know when not to question certain decisions :-). Latha liked Corby Pop first, but later shifted to Samsung Corby Colors.

So we bought these two phones on Wednesday night and Spurthi and Latha are busy with setting up their new phones. Obviously, the first tasks are to import the contacts and music!

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