Weekend Travel to Vijayawada

01 Mar

I headed to Vijayawada on Friday night to visit Jayababu. His father expired unexpectedly last week. Since this is a last minute travel ahead of a 3 day long weekend, there are no tickets in overnight trains to and from Vijayawada. So I booked my tickets in the bus service offered by Kesineni. The bus is Cerita make and offered decent comfort. I (along with my mother-in-law) boarded the bus in the night and expected to be in Vijayawada by 4.30am or so. When I woke up at 5.30am (that is a decent enough deep sleep) the bus is still moving and I headed for a nap again. At 6.30am, I realized that the bus is still in Suryapet, about a third of the distance from Hyderabad. Looks like there is an accident on the highway and traffic is backed up quite considerably. Due to the noiseless air-conditioning and may be due to fatigue, I didn’t realize that the bus stopped so long.

We reached Vijayawada a little past 9.00am and hurried to Jayababu’s place after getting ready at another relative’s place. We stayed there till 1.00pm and headed to train station. We reached Hyderabad by Krishna Express. The chair car service is good. We reached home a little after 9.00pm. I was pretty much sitting all the time in a 23 hour journey and it is very tiring.

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