Vehicle Puja

03 Jan

India has designated Gods and rituals for every occasion. The key ritual at the time of the purchase of a new vehicles is Vahaha-Puja, the offering to the vehicle. It is performed (mostly) at an auspicious temple that is popularly believed to be good for the occasion. One such temple in and around Hyderabad is Tadbund Hanuman Temple.

I took my new Xylo for a Puja to the temple on a Saturday morning. I am lucky to get a parking space and Puja token that morning. Imagine 9 new cars and a dozen motor bikes parked next to each other for a 45 minute Puja session. The priests walk from one end to the other end of this string of vehicles, chanting mantras and doing puja to the steering, engine, wheels and other key parts of the vehicle. It is a nice experience!


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