Test Drive – Mahindra Xylo

21 Dec

I test drove Mahindra Xylo over the weekend. Let me give the ugly details first:

  • Car’s interiors (plastics) are really cheap.
  • Luggage space is not up to the mark. Okay, but not good enough.
  • Looks are not good.
  • No Airbags
  • Gear shift is not smooth (even on the test vehicle that has 7.7K km on that). Clutch needs to be really floored.

Now let me enumerate the positives:

  • Pickup is nice even in city traffic conditions
  • Good turning radius. Smooth U turn at a decent 25KMPH (right in front of KBR park, at LV Prasad Eye Institute)
  • Seating space is really good. Outscores Toyota Innova. Especially the third row
  • Features are better (except for the lack of airbags)
  • Rate is good, after the end-of-the year offers.

I would have taken this vehicle if they could deliver it before the end of the month. However, there is no stock for the specific model/color (the one with ABS) I am looking for. So I am backing out.

2 thoughts on “Test Drive – Mahindra Xylo

  1. YA, the plastics aren’t all that great but they’re ok wrt the price of the car. The luggage space is good in the 7-seater not in the 8-seater.. but that applies to all 8-seater cars. and most importantly, AIRBAGS are available in xylo as an option, so u might want to correct that. its also on the website

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