Tirupati Trip

03 Nov

The much postponed family trip to Tirupati is taken up last week. Despite not being fully recovered from the fever and its aftereffects, went on with the trip. All 8 of us (my family and my brother Madhu’s family) headed to Tirupathi on Friday night. We reached there early on Saturday and settled well in the 3-BR guest house. The new Sreeghradarshanam introduced by TTD is good. We waited for about 1.25 hours in the line to get to the ticket counter and then another 30 minutes or so for the Darshanam. The queues kept on moving at all times. I personally think this is a good scheme, as long as it is implmented well.

Usha lost her handbag during lunch. Lost her cell phone, cash and a few keys. The bag was stolen right under our nose, in the busy Annamayya restaurant.

I had to rest my legs a bit during Saturday afternoon. Stayed very much indoors after an early dinner. The cold climate didn’t give much room for roaming around.

Visited Papanasanam, Akasaganga and a few temples on Sunday morning. During that time, Madhu and Usha went for another round of Darshanam.

Reached train station early on Sunday evening. Packed dinner from Deepam restaurant. Padmavati express is really good (compartments and all) and reched Secunderabad 35 minutes ahead of time.

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