Diwali Evening

18 Oct

Headed out early afternoon on Diwali Day. Went to Madhu’s house and spent some time with Madhu’s family and parents. Headed to Kompally and took Rohit along with us. Pratap is visiting India and we visited his place for a short time, before heading to the farm house in Kompally.

The gathering is larger than last year. People started coming in by 5.30pm and kids are busy all by themselves most of the time. Looks like last year’s Diwali Night made them comfortable with lighting fireworks. A couple of kids wanted me to start off things by helping them light the fireworks. Once they got started, they are on their own though…

This year too, the arrangements made by GVV are simply superb. Good amount of fireworks, food and other hospitalities for all the family members. This year, it is more like an extended family gathering, with more and more people visiting. See the pictures of the night here:


All the food items are simply superb. And there are so many specials to enjoy with a glass of wine. Right from Prawns Biriyani and Dosa with Chicken curry, to cutlets, pav-bhaji, sambar idli, rasam vada and what not! I enjoyed almost all the over a time of 3 hours.
Most of us stayed there closer to midnight and then headed home. Ride back home is uneventful. Not much of a traffic or blocking fireworks. Had to steer off a few drunkards though :-).Thanks to all the folks who are there during the evening, for making it a fun filled one…

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