BSNL Vennela

02 May

Today I went to our local BSNL office to check the availability of fancy phone numbers. However, I found an interesting number among the standard SIM cards for sale today. So I opted for the pre-paid Vennela plan and took the cell phone connection. Though the original Vennela scheme is supposed to expire around 20th April, looks like they extended the plan. As per the plan, 5 BSNL numbers (3 landline and 2 cell phone) within the state of Andhra Pradesh can be called at Rs 0.30 a minute. The validity is for 300 days. Looks like a good deal. The activation takes a business day though. May be I will phase out one of my AirTel numbers and start using the new one.

One thought on “BSNL Vennela

  1. BSNL Schemes are very good in for poor poeple who need to use cell pbone. But BSNL neet to advertise this schemes overly and at the same time BSNL want to extend their cell phone signal area as other cell phone companies.

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