Back from Vizag Trip

13 Apr

Went to Vizag during weekend to attend PCV’s marriage. The train travel on Friday night to Vizag with about 15 of our coworkers is real fun. Biriyani from Paradise and a few games to Bingo/Housie. Top it off with Pista Kulfi icecream in Vijayawada. Reached Vizag on time. Once the wedding is over on Saturday, we headed to taste one of the best Biriyani’s in the area, by travelling about 15km. We also went to Kailasgiri and RK Beach. The weather is hot and humid, typical for this season. Four of us are back on train on Saturday evening. Evening menu also consisted of one of the best “to-go” biriyani’s in the area. The train’s arraival in Hyderabad on Sunday morning is delayed.

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