Violation of Code Of Conduct by Political Parties

18 Mar

There is a code of conduct that all the parties need to follow for India’s general elections, but looks like there are liberal violations of the practices by almost all parties alike. Sometimes, the violations are very irking. For example, the Prajarajyam Party official website liberally sends unsolicited emails to almost every email id they can get hold of. In fact, after the elections are announced, this site is the biggest spammer to my mail boxes. (And yes, I haven’t registered any of my emails with this party.) Moreover, it is surprising to see that such a self proclaimed novice party not following any of the normal ethics of sending unsolicited emails: If you don’t want to receive these emails, please let us know.

Now, what happens if any of the irked folks complain to, say, Election Commission? It will be very difficult for the political party to prove that it did its part of due deligence before enrolling people for these emails.

This is what happens when people try to embrace a technology without knowing the general ethics of using the technology. What do you think? Are you irked by unethical usage of technology by political parties? In what way?

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