Finally, Congress does something about him

19 Feb

P. V. Narasimharao. My most favorite PM of India. He is an unsung hero for his economy improvement efforts for India. He is the most disowned Prime Minister by the Congress Party.

Today’s Telugu dailies carried a front page advertisement by the Congress Government, naming a rual water project after P.V. This is a welcome surprise. Good to see his photo on the front page.

2 thoughts on “Finally, Congress does something about him

  1. I know, otherwise its usually Rajiv this..Indira that…i am sick of seeing everything in AP being named after Rajiv or Indira – some respite i guess 🙂


  2. He is undoutedly the greatest Prime Minsiter of this country, but unfortunately not received the credit that he deserved by this Nation, He is the saviour of modern India, at a time, when the economy isin doldrums by pledging the country’s gold reserves to wriggle out from economic quagmire. His virtues are seen in his inexcusable attitude towards one and all, both his friends and foes, when their criminal colors were exposed like Jain diaries, which ultimately resulted in distancing himself from so many followers and was unfazed though he knew that will lead to his down fall, and in this aspect he embodied himself as stoic as propounded in Geetha.

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