3 thoughts on “Talk at Spurthi 2009

  1. Hi Raju Alluri sir, this is narayana from Narsaraopet Engg. College attended Spurthi-09. First of all i should say thanks to you since from many days iam unable to correctly understand the concept of virtualization. By your seminar i got the meaning of what it is. The event what i have really enjoyed is your presentation. The day before your speech the HOD sir said there is expert talk on virtualisation, i really excited at that time and with the fresh mind i attended your presentation and iam also winner of one of the chocalates.
    Basically i was interested on Network Security subject and i came to know about this concept and i started knowing about this and by your presentation i got clear understanding of the concept.
    Sir i you have some time please make me know the impact of
    \”virtualisation on network security\”.
    Thank you, once again.

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