Santro Servicing

21 Dec

My Santro went for servicing on Saturday. I got a call from technician that the front shock absorbers are completely gone and they need to be replaced. The trunk struts are gone too, but they don’t have the spares in stock. Overall, it is a long service session. They messed up with the FM antenna during the last service and refused to fix it. So I had to take it to the service manager. Eventually, the FM antenna got fixed too.

The service session costed me about 7,250 Rupees (about $150US). That too, with the trunk struts not replaced yet. :-(.

BTW, the prices of Santro are down to a bare minimum right now. The GLS model, with Dual fuel (LPG and Petrol) feature is not being sold at 3.87 lakhs. The offer is valid till tomorrow I guess.

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