Audio Review – Sasirekha Parinayam

14 Dec

Krishnavamsi Film – that is the merit of the album. Music is shared between Manisharma and Vidyasagar. Lyrics are shared between Sirivennela and Anantha Sriram.

  • The first track, Elaa Entha Sepu, is sung well by Rahul. A good one to listen to, its success depends on the context of the song in the movie.
  • The track Gundello Golisoda drifts frequently between an item song and a youthful song. The good lyrics and the voice of Jai are dominated by the tune. Finally, you are hooked on to the tune than the lyrics.
  • O Bujjamma by Renjith is a good number. This Vidyasagar’s composition has the touch of melody. Repeated listening makes you appreciate the song better.
  • Yedho Yedho is another song composed by Vidyasagar for this album. Saindhavi’s voice is good. Get ready for a Krisha Vamsi style picturization of this female solo.
  • Bejawada is the only duet in this album. I would personally skip this song. Just making a mix of several Hindi, English and Telugu words doesn’t usually make a good song.
  • Yedho Yedho is repeated in the album, this time a slightly different version. Not that easy to find the difference from its clone. This one is stretched for 17 more seconds though.
  • Ninne Ninne is the best of the lot. Chitra’s voice, Sirivennela’s lyrics and Manisharma’s music for a Krishnavamsi film. Manasichchina Nechcheli Muchchata Pachchaga Pandincha Raavaa. A song that stays with you for a while. Halfway through the song, you hear the BGM of Vastaadu Naa Raju Ee Roju from Alluri Sitarama Raju, blended well with this tune. A very refreshing number.

Overall, this is a decent album.

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