08 Sep

Starting Sunday evening, my back started hurting badly. Took some medicines and headed to work as usual on Monday, but the pain increased by lunch time. Headed to Care Hospitals at Banjara Hills in the evening and visited Dr. B. N. Prasad. He suggested a couple of x-rays in the lumber area. After the x-rays are inspected, he suggested that there are no slip disks or other unusual injuries of that sort. Prescribed ten days of medication and a few workouts to follow. Also suggested a couple of days of rest, so that the back would heal a bit. The pain became worse by the evening, but probably the medications would take care of it a bit in the next few hours.

4 thoughts on “Backpain

  1. Raju, The best medicine for the back pain is lying on a hard bed for as long as you can and make sure you get up from the bed by turning to your left or right and use your hands to get up instead of your back.

    Take as much rest as possible and do not do any forward bendings or lift weights!

    Get well soon 🙂

  2. 1. Most usual back pains, resulting due to strains shall settle away in 1-2 wks, with or without NSAIDS (painkillers).
    2. You might be interested to read about Sciatica,

    3. X-rays at best don’t reveal anything, MRI is a better option if pain does not completely subside after a week time.

    4. If pain is still present, using the result of (3) above, if (2) can not be confirmed, usually next step is to look into your family history if somebody has suffered from arthritis (in both paternal and maternal upto 3 generations). A string of blood tests reveal further gene maps to determine what has exactly caused it.

    I’m not doctor, but engineer.

  3. Hi Raju,

    I used to get this pain earlier. Consulted with a yoga master and he suggested to join the yoga practice, regularly daily 1 hour.

    Good results.
    Simple one you can follow: Lying on a hard bed, you can lift the left leg to 15 degrees and you can increase it to 45 d as per your comfort, then the right leg. this you can start with 3 and then to 5 times, i am sure this will help you.

    Take care

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