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03 Sep

May be one of the most talked about thing this week is Google Chrome. Tried out this browser this morning and here are some of the quick (15 minute) thoughts.
It is an interesting experience to see the setup binary to be 475kb. This would even fit on a 5″ floppy I used in 1986. Needless to say, this is just the download wrapper and it requires internet connection for the actual install and setup. (What that means is: the systems that are networked, yet not exposed to internet, cannot get this browser easily. At least for now. Don’t laugh. I have some such lab setups. It also means that there is no “download once, install many times” convenience. Think about an internet cafe with 20 odd systems.)
Once installed, the browser is a charm. At least for the 15 minutes I have used it so far, before writing this blog using the same browser. Starts fast, renders fast and uses screen space efficiently.

Doesn’t popup a dialog to ask whether it needs to store the password or not. Cool.
BTW, you should check out the “incognito” window. Not that it improves your security drastically, but for the fun feeling that you are using something different. Something different and has a cool icon on the top left. Feel like Zorro.

Note: Once I started the second phase of this blog entry (where I setup the links etc.) I realized that the Chrome doesn’t render my blog editor with full functionality. The toolbar that contains the HTML edit features is missing:May be the process for this tab slept half way through the rendering :-).

This is an irking flaw.

One thought on “Google Chrome

  1. hello sir,
    nice to hear that google is releasing a browser. while searching for some thing on web, accidentally i hv landed on ur page. bt nw, i became a regular visitor of your blog. Iam using ur blog for updating myself by knowing the things going in and around the world.

    Thanks for providing us this!


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