Can BIG TV Make It Big?

25 Aug

Today I saw full page color advertisements of newly launched BigTV in the newspapers. Later, during my commute to work, I listened to these old jokes (why men are like TV and why women are like TV) morphed into radio commercials for this service. Out of sheer curiosity, I visited their website and tried to check the details of their channel offers.

First of all, the website is very badly designed. It won’t render well in browsers other than IE. For example, the dynamic content won’t show up in Firefox, so you will keep on pressing some buttons to see nothing changing, and may be frustrated. Even in IE, it takes a bit to navigate to the packs and options. The channel choices are good in numbers, but not in the variety of channels you would get. For example, I couldn’t find any pack that offers me Maa TV in Telugu. The more I try, more I find the website to be down frequently.

This is not a good sign for a franchise that spent so much money on the hype and so less on providing the basic information on the service. Also, there are more choices and less content in the offerings. That makes it tough for this service to reach the masses, especially in South India (which has diverse set of TV channel options and needs).

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