Commandline to the rescue

24 Jul

Was happily using the H-Sphere webshell account of my internet service provider. One of the directory backups last night consumed the entire space on the site. The large gzip file needs to be deleted, but webshell has a nice (yes, it is) algorithm. Once a file it deleted, it would go to the trash folder. The file stays there, until the trash folder is cleared. Theere is no way to “purge” the file right away.

In this case, since the entire space is filled, the file somehow couldn’t move to the trash folder. Since the trash folder cannot receive it, the file remained in its original location even after deletion. So I made multiple attempts to delete the file, using a slightly different approach each time, but it didn’t work.

Finally, I resorted to commandline. Logged into the server and got rid of the file the classic unix way. Thank you, rm!


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